Induced Drag Calculation in ParaView

Hello! I am a new ParaView user trying to figure out how to calculate induced drag on a wing section attached to the wind tunnel wall based on the results of FreeCAD OpenFoam CFD analysis. I have no problems calculating “Drag”, which I believe involves strictly friction drag component ({Normals_Y*p} formula for my model orientation) as I get similar results after performing Laminar and Turbulent RANS kOmegaSST model analysis, whereas furthermore, I do not believe that it involves induced drag component as it seems quite low and roughly corresponding to the expected friction drag component based on my separate 2D analysis. I looked everywhere online, whereby there is nothing about induced drag including in ParaView support topics. I do not see anyone ever discussing it here, which is kind of odd. I would appreciate if someone could let me know if there is a way to do it in ParaView other than doing manual calculations that are not based on CFD computation. Thank you.