Input requirements of VTK-m contour versus regular contour filter

I have a uniform rectilinear grid of 862x759x1526 and try to contour a point data array “density” of 1-component float32s. With paraview 5.11.1 (official binaries) and the VTKmFilters plugin loaded: applying the VTK-m contour filter reports Input dataset/parameters not supported by vtkmContour. Falling back to the default VTK implementation..

This is a bit surprising given that the dataset isn’t very exotic. Is the VTK-m contour filter more limited in the type of inputs it can handle? And, if so, what’s the limitation in this specific case?

Detailed dataset properties:


@sujin was this a limitation that will be addressed in ParaView 5.12?

Yes, this should be fixed in ParaView 5.12. The VTK-m filter was disabled in 5.11 because a corner case was identified that caused the VTK-m filter to possibly fail with uniform grids. This has been fixed, and this case is re-enabled in 5.12.

Thanks, Ken!