InputModeling+Solver+ParaView: A task for Catalyst or for a custom ParaView app?

I’m writing a simulation whose input can be created with a simple GUI (a minimal GUI for importing 3D meshes, tweaking about 5 meshing parameters, and setting a few scalar properties for each mesh --ie: think something you could use AntTweakBar for).

I’d like to have all the process (input modeling + simulation + view/output) integrated in ParaView.

Looking at Catalyst, it seems it would be fine for the simulation+view part, but not for creating a GUI for the input. Would you recommend to work with Catalyst, or to write a brand new ParaView app, or any other alternative?

Is there any demo sample code similar to my use case (modeling+simulation+view) that I can use as a skeleton from which to build my app?


The idea of catalyst is that it allows to connect ParaView (or a ParaView-like client) to a simulation usually running on a distant cluster.

If you plan to run small scale simulation on your local computer, Catalyst is not needed and you basically just need to implement a link between your simulation code and ParaView locally.

There is no demo for your usecase though. You may want to take a look in Examples/CustomApplcations to see what is possible but you will need to write the part between ParaView and your simulation, which depends on the language used in your simulation.