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Hi everybody
I would like to know if there is same way to make a caption during animation who write each time step of the dataset in the animation a value from a file … suppose I have let say 100 vtk file representing a set of point in the space and a file .dat in which for each of the 100 frame have a value to be read and printed out during animation … like when you insert the time caption for example


but In this way just the time is plotted … may you please explain me how does it works ?

Maybe I’m not well explained what I nedd !
Suppose I have a set of data representing molecule rehology on 3d space (the position is in function of the sourrounding flow field) saved in polydata vtk file.
The (in-house) CFD code as well computed a parameter regarding the eigenvector of the strain tensor and wrote this eigenvector in a different file timestep by timestep … I would like to insert a caption like time annotation that insteed of print the time print the value read from file ! I don’t know if is possible write a programmable filter … and if so how can say print the value read from the 2 column of file time by time … any idea ?


I try to look for that filter … but is filter of data set … and I don’t see any option in order to read from file !
may you please give me a short explain of how does it works ?

I misunderstood indeed.

Well, you need to read that file first. What is its format ?

is a data file … ascii 4 columns output from fortran/c++ code

Looks like a .csv file. Can you try to open it with the delimited text reader ?
Can you share it here ?

yes ! I don’t know how to use delimited text reader where I can found it ?

snf_quads.dat (103.5 KB)

  • rename your snf_quads.dat into snf_quads.csv
  • File -> Open -> snf_quads.csv
  • Uncheck “Have Headers”
  • Use a space as delimiter
  • Check “Merge consecutive delimiters”
  • Apply
  • Filters -> Calculator
  • Field0 (or the name of the field you want to show a value from)
  • Apply
  • Filters -> AnnotateAttibuteDataSet
  • Select “Results”
  • Apply

I wil try ! thanks !

I’m not sure about … when I run animations both the polydata vtk fle and the reading of the valuve from file moving forward togheter … in a sense for each vtk file, one line of snf_quads.csv going to be read?

no body know ?

In this way I can just see the first row of the file !!! may you please help me about ?
and as well … I did not find any AnnotateAttibuteDataSet but “Annotate Attribute Data” how can I manage vector instead of scalar ?

please avoid one-upping. Looks like you have had answers in another topic, closing this.