Create a label from file

I would like to product an animation from 1000 polydata vtk file , this is easy to do now for me … but suppose I would like to include a value annotated in the animation windows who report the value read from a column of a csv file line by line corresponding to each frame of the 1000 vtk file ! I have receive this suggestion :

unfortunately if I follow this procedure I’am able to print with Annotation Attribute Date (… I did not found any AnnotateAttibuteDataSet ) just the first value of the coulumns … how can I fix it ?

somebody can give me an advice of where I can found an answer ??

If you want the result of Annotate Attribute Data to output the value from a different row each time, do the following (after completing the original instructions).

  1. Open the Animation View (View -> Animation View).
  2. Create a track for AnnotateAttributeData1 and Element Id.
  3. Double-click on the newly-created track.
  4. Set the Value of the first keyframe to 0. Set the Value of the second keyframe to the number of rows in spreadsheet minus 1.

Now when you play the animation, the value reported by Annotate Attribute Data will change. If you find working with the Animation View confusing, I suggest going through the animation exercises in the ParaView Tutorial.

One more thing, I would suggest renaming snf_quads.dat to snf_quads.txt instead of snf_quads.csv. ParaView will treat these two filenames the same, but other programs will assume that a .csv file will have comma separated values (which is what csv stands for). A file with space delimiters is usually named with a .txt extension.

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I will try !! Thank you very very much !

I have try but … but does not works …
look the ictures in order to see if is correct !

In that “Editing…” dialog box, double click the cell in the row labeled 2 and the column labeled Value (the lower-right cell) and change the value to 3511.

may you kindly help me about ?

No there is something wrong … what could be ?

What is wrong is that the value in the lower-right cell should read 3511. So the table in that dialog box should look like:

Time Interpolation Value
0 Ramp 0
3511 3511

it works !!! THANK YOU really really much !! you save my works! thanks a lot !

Hello!! just a question, the file is in Exponential format … bun whe I display the value I get a decima value … how is it possible to change ?