Install headers for vtk modules build by ParaView 5.7.0

First, I have to say that I am looking for a good practice to get around a bug that made its way on the v5.7.0, but is now fixed here.

I am developing a collection of VTK modules in a library. This library can be installed and is already used by other projects.
Because of the bug reported in the top of this post, I cannot overwrite the INSTALL_HEADERS OFF given to the vtk_module_build in the paraview_add_plugin function (ParaViewPlugin.cmake).
How can I install the headers of my vtk modules in a given location when they are build by ParaView ?

PS: On the current master, I can overwrite this INSTALL_HEADERS options and things are working as expected, but I need my library to be compatible with the release.

You could define the variable _paraview_add_plugin_MODULES_FILES before the call to paraview_add_plugin, e.g.,

set(_paraview_add_plugin_MODULES_FILES TRUE)

Right, that works well :slight_smile:
Certainly the simplest solution