Install Paraview 5.6.2 (or 5.6.x) on a Ubuntu 16.04 system


I have been attempting to use Paraview 5.6.2 on a Ubuntu 16.04 system (laptop) without any success.
The steps that I followed until now were:

1)I downloaded and untarred the “ParaView-5.6.2-MPI-Linux-64bit”

2)Tried to execute ./bin/paraview, but I received this error mesage: xxx/ParaView-5.6.2-MPI-Linux-64bit/lib/paraview: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

  1. I searched around a little bit and I found this topic, which looks similar:

  2. In this topic, the suggestion was: you need to install libglvnd-dev. So I tried to perform this step, but sudo apt-get install libglvnd-dev gives me E: Unable to locate package libglvnd-dev

  3. I also tried to do this manually, following the details from here: However, without any success, as well!

So, after all these steps I thought to ask a question here, since obviously there is something that I am missing here! Any help will be highly appreciated!

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PS. I already have an older version of paraview installed (5.0.1) which is related with an earlier OpenFOAM version that I currently have. So, if it is possible, I would like to keep this!

tbh, the simpler fix is to update to 18.04

Hi Mathieu,

Thank you for your prompt reply! However, I would like to avoid this upgrade for now, so can you think of any possible alternative? Any idea is welcome!

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You can try installing the libglvnd-dev package from 17.04 ou 18.04

You may need to install other needed packages as well.

The only other alternatives is to build libglvnd yourself.