install problem - file association paraview 5.11 in windows 11

Hello I am working on my personal computer and having trouble updating to the last version of paraview.

After downloading and installing, as usual in previous version, the msi package, when I update the executable associated with the vtk files - it seems that the file association fails.

All the vtk files icon turns to blank:


and when I click on these the following prompt is shown:

However if I click on paraview.exe, nothing happens.

It is not a huge problem, I can still use the older version just fine or I can open the 5.11 binary and manually open the file from inside the paraview, however It is a bit of a pain day to day.

I was wondering if I am the only one with this issue with win11

bump :sweat_smile:

It seems that this is something else that we lost in the exe → msi migration :confused: .

Cc: @wascott @cory.quammen

We don’t use the msi version. We download the zip ball, and I then repackage it into a zip and also a exe package. Thanks for the heads up.

the same file association issue arise both with the installer and with the zip package

Yeah, the .zip is never going to do file associations; it is just a directory containing ParaView.