Integrate variables over points


Is it possible to integrate variables by selecting points, instead of selecting a surface?
I have created an Extract Selection by selecting the points I want manually. I want to apply a Calculator filter to this Extract selection and then integrate it.
Is this possible? or does paraview only integrate over surfaces i.e Extract surface, slice, clip etc…?

Integrate Variables sums point data arrays, so yes, you can integrate points you select and extract.

but when i applied the integrate variables filter to the calculator filter, i get results for all variables as 0. and i can see in the statistics inspector no points are selected.

Does the output of the Extract Selection filter have any points in the output? Click on that filter in the Pipeline Browser and see what it says in the Information tab. If Number of Points is 0, you haven’t extracted anything.

Yes, in the statistics inspector browser i can see the number of points for both the Extract Selection filter and Calculator filter is 70 and the data type is Multiblock dataset.
When i apply the Integrate Variables filter, the number of points is one and the data type is Unstrutured Grid.