integration time in streamline datasheet

When we generate some streamlines in paraview and export the spreadsheet out, one column is the Integration Time.
I want to know how I can control this? I may need to increase or decrease resolution of the streamlines and I assume the Integration Time would effect how many points are used to comprise streamlines, thus can change a streamline’s resolution.


Change the value of the “Initial Step Length” in the advanced options of the streamtracer.

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This might be tangential to my post topic, but still related to streamline generation.

I have a 2-D case from OpenFOAM and as you know 2-D cases in OpenFOAM are one cell thick in the third dimension.
When I generate streamlines from my inlet in paraView, I get two rows of streamlines lying on the back and front planes; however I only want one row of streamlines from the center of the cells.
I am not sure if I made myself clear or not. If not, please let me know so that I can provide more context.

Ok, I found it.
First you need to apply a cell center filter to your inlet patch, then use the custom streamline filter to have your streamlines start from cell centers.

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