Interactive select points in 2D

I have a (hopefully) simple question: I visualize a 2D vtu data set (result of a simulation with Elmer) and want to select one or several points. My 2D geometry is in the xy plane, and I view it with the “-z” view. When I activate “Interactive Select Points On”, I would expect to be able to point and click to select points. However, the points which get actually get highlighted and selected are (apparently?) at completely different locations, in a seemingly arbitrary manner. Why is this, and what is the right way to select points interactively in 2D?
I am on ParaView 5.5.2 64-bit, Windows 7.
Thank you for a helpful hint.

The same happens when I use “Select Points On (d)”. Only “Select Points Through (g)” seems to do what I would expect, i.e. select the points inside the rectangle I draw with the mouse. But as the mesh is very fine at the location of interest, this needs a lot of zooming to select a single point that way…

Matthias - thanks for reporting! Mind posting a dataset that shows this bad behavior? Thanks!

Sure!case0001.vtu (383.6 KB)
Thanks for having a look,

Any news?

This is a bug and it has been corrected in newer version.
Please use the last released version of ParaView, 5.6.0.

Indeed. :slight_smile:
Thank you!

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