Interactive Selection on 3D View to update a WebView

I need to develop a simple application with two renderers displayed side by side. Left viewport will display a 3D mesh and right viewport should show a WebView where I wish to show a javascript based plot using libraries like d3.js. Immediately after a selection of cells in the left 3D viewport is finished, I wish to see an update in the webview showing an updated graph.

  1. Is this possible by taking the direction of writing a python based plugin in paraview?
  2. If the above is not possible, can you give me some high level steps I can take to achieve this?

Maybe I am wrong, but the reason I wish to have a webview integrated is that I wish to get more flexibility in plotting data. I cannot use the built in 2D plots like quartileview, plot matrix view etc because I wish to tweak them a bit plus I want to add interactions on the plots.