Intersection between 2 volumes


I have wondering how to create a volume by intersecting 2 volumes.

I don’t think there is a general filter to intersect to volume meshes.

If one of your volumes is a simple shape (e.g. box, sphere, cylinder), you can use the Clip filter with that shape on the other volume.

If you have more complicated shapes, you can use the Resample With Dataset filter to probe one volume with another. That won’t actually do the intersection, but it will provide a field value that flags whether a point is inside or outside the other volume. You can then use the Clip filter with the Scalars Clip Type to remove the parts of the volume that are not in the other volume. This method is imperfect because the clip will not happen on the exact boundary of the intersection. Unfortunately, Resample With Dataset does not record how far inside or outside the volume a point resides, so cells will get sliced in the middle even if it is mostly inside or outside the other volume.