"Invitation" are really not practical

Here is what a “Invitation” in a paraview discourse topic looks like :

mwestphal invited you to a discussion

> **Ospray material colored by cell/point array**
> Hi everyone, I’d like to use a material which would have a color directly related to the color of any cell/point data that I have on my polyData. Is that possible and how should I do that? Basically I’d like to be able to play with the reflectivity and transmissivity of the material but the color …


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No links to the actual topic.

The alternative is to tag the user you wants to invite, but since it is public, it is sometimes not the thing one is looking for.


How do you invite someone to a topic? I have looked all over and Googled for it, but I do not see a button or menu item to invite someone to a topic.

Ah, I use Google to sign in. Apparently it doesn’t work when you use a single sign-on service.

For reference, here is how to invite someone :

Thanks for posting. I don’t see that because I have SSO.

The template for this invitation seems to have a message that should contain the link:

%{inviter_name} invited you to a discussion

> **%{topic_title}**
> %{topic_excerpt}


> %{site_title} -- %{site_description}

If you're interested, click the link below:


You don’t see the link text?

could you invite me to a discussion?

I just invited you to a topic

Weird, I never received the invitation.

I’ve just invited you to a bunch of topics

I believe I got notifications in Discourse itself, but no emails, not even in my spam folder.

Very strange. Maybe the way you created your account somehow prevents you to receive these emails. Can you invite me ?

Right, I log in through my Google credentials. If you do that, you don’t have the Invite option. It’s surprising I do not receive invitation emails, though.

Should say I can’t invite you because I don’t have that button.

I do log in through google as well and always have been. The absence of invite option may be linked to the absence of invite mail. No idea how to move forward here. Create a new account ?


I suggest emailing people with links if you don’t wish to tag them publicly.

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