iparaview-kernel: trouble installing within a custom python venv

I would like to install iparaview-kernel within a python virtual env.
I have managed to build the kernel without problem
But I can get the example notebook to work.
I guess this is connected to my choice of installation.
cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=../../pyvista-env

The files are installed in:

-- Install configuration: ""
-- Up-to-date: /mnt/d/python-envs/pyvista-env/IParaView/paraview_kernel.py
-- Up-to-date: /mnt/d/python-envs/pyvista-env/IParaView/kernel.json
-- Up-to-date: /mnt/d/python-envs/pyvista-env/IParaView/config.py
-- Up-to-date: /mnt/d/python-envs/pyvista-env/IParaView/PVQtJupyterPlugin/PVQtJupyterPlugin.so

I guess, the files are not installed correctly…
Where shall I install them?
Thanks for your suggestions

PS: I’m trying this on wsl debian bookworm with pyvista and jupyter in a virtual env.

Cc: @jourdain