is distance in mm?

Hello guys,
I have to track the distance between two meshes. When I used Ruler option to measure distance it show “distance:0.22”. So is it mm ?
For reference, I didn’t use any transformation scales.

Thank you

It depends on the scale of your data. There is no units in ParaView.

Thank you for the quick reply.

So any idea to know units? This is my mesh. White part is the distance.When I used transform filter it shows 1, 1, 1 in scale.
Thank you.

Once again, it depends on your dataset, do you know the units of your dataset ?

Apologies, if I am misunderstanding your answer. I am using these meshes in LIGGGHTS . Units of my dataset in DEM are si units : For style si, these are the units:

  • mass = kilograms
  • distance = meters
  • time = seconds
  • energy = Joules

Are you talking about this unit?

yes, then the results of the ruler are in meters.

Thank you so much.
I got it.