is it feasible to show axis on zoomed in data ?


The title says it all : when I zoom in a 2-D vtkImageData, I’m obliged to move the mouse to look at the axis value.

Is it possible to adapt the view axis if the 2-D vtkImageData exceeds the edges of a ParaView’s view ?

Update: is it possible to have a “grid box” which dimensions don’t change when zoomed in/out but the zoom only affect the data that are inside of it ? Only the grid labels will be updated to reflect the data inside the grid box…

Any suggestions is welcome !

Reviving this 3 year old thread, since I have the same question.

Is there any way to do this? This would be a great feature to have/use.

The best solution is to use a 2D viewer (in vtk there’s a “histogram” 2D chart that can display a vtkImageData). At that time, I moved to Qwt to develop this : GitHub - embeddedmz/QwtWaterfallplot: A waterfall plot widget powered by Qwt for Qt/C++ GUI applications. and because the design of the class is not good enough for me to handle other type of interactions and add new features.

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for responding. I didn’t completely understand what you mentioned. In short, is it not possible within paraview?

yes, it is not possible.

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