Is it possible create custom reader (static library) for paraview?

For now, I use paraview (static library, v5.7.0) build from source. And I wanna create my own reader, I follow this link paraview howto, and I build ‘MyPNGReader’ using static library, generate MyPNGReader.lib finally. However, I can’t load the lib file into paraview. Can you give me some tips?
By the way, I build the static paraview with the official plugins, it also generate lib files and the lib files can be loaded into paraview and it works (I test gltf reader plugin, GLTFReader.lib).

I build ‘MyPNGReader’ using static library,

It is not supported to load plugin as static library or into a statically built ParaView.

You need to build dynamically and load the .dll into ParaView.

Thank you very much.