Is it possible to choose multiple girds in the coloring select?

Hi, I am using Paraview 5.11.1 for volume rendering. And the testcase I use contains multiple grids in Grid Arrays. I notice that I can only choose one grid each time in the coloring select. I wonder if there’s a way to show multiple / all grids in one time? It’s even better if we can customize the color for each grid!

(the coloring select I mentioned)

Thank you for your time!

Here are two blog that could be of interest to you:

Hi Mathieu,
Thank you for your information!
However, I got the following errors when I enabled the 2D Transfer Function checkbox.

I am using testcases from openvdb official website.

Which dataset exactly ?

I encounter this error on all .vdb I found (e.g. torus)
And here’s the testcase I used for testing multi-color.
columns.vdb (1.2 MB)

The problem is that the data is read as a partitioned dataset with partial data on it. It would be better if the data was defined on all blocks.

I am not sure is this what you mean. (a grid contains all the data)
column.vdb (1.1 MB)

Though I still got the same error while enabling the 2D Transfer Function checkbox.

Indeed, looks like partitioned data is not well supported. You can work around it by using ResampleToImage filter.

Please open an issue though.

FYI @cory.quammen

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