Is it possible to easily extract Swath profiles with PARAVIEW?

(Technical issue, but can be useful for many of us).

For geosciences purpose, it is common to extract swath profiles from DEM in order to extract topographic and relief information. In the same logic, do you know if it could be easily done with vtk files in Paraview (with synthetic DEM in .vtk)? It is obvious to extract data along a line and I would like to know if someone succeeded in doing it along a swath (with min, mean and max elevation data for instance)?

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Benjamin Gérard

My gut tells me it should be doable. Do you a sample dataset so I can play with it a bit and determine what could work.

Thank you very much for your answer. The data you can use is attached to this reply.
best, Benjamin
test_1_bg.vtk (1.8 MB)

Alas, AFAICT, don’t think this can be done out of the box. It’s conceivable, however, to put together a Python programmable filter that produces a vtkTable with min/max/mean columns for the fields along a particular axis and then plot that table using a line chart view. but that’d need some prototyping.

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That’s what I thought, thanks very much for your feedback.