Is it possible to launch paraview automatically in Client/DataServer/RenderServer config?

I would like to automate the process of launching paraview in a context of a Client/data Server/Render Server. By hand I need to:

ssh -Y -L 11111:localhost:11111 server pvdataserver
on localhost: pvrendererserver
on localhost paraview

In the GUI, I then select connect and use or create the Client/DataServer/RenderServer config.

Thanks for any hints

Hi @Trophime ,

You can use the SSHCommand support using a .pvsc file:


I am curious why do you use pvdataserver/renderserver mode if you’re running with pvrenderserver locally. Instead, pvserver+paraview would be a better config. Note, from settings you can disable remote rendering entirely by setting Remote Rendering Threshold to max. Then all rendering will happen locally.

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