Is it possible to reload vtkjs file into paraview ?

I have some vtkjs files that I have created outside paraview that I would like to reload into paraview.
I know that I can export a scene from paraview to vtjs format, but is it possible to do the opposite ?
If not, is it hard to recast it into other vtk format ?


linux, paraview 5.10

We don’t technically have the reverse path, but it would be possible to create a JS application that will write/extract the polydata as vtp files.

Thanks for your answer. It could be a nice feature. I will export my composite data in vtm (multiblock) format or in vtp format using vtkAppendPolyData but it merge them. Is there a better way ?

You don’t need to merge them, but the export will extract only the surface mesh so you will lose any 3D cells of an unstructured grid.

Feel free to add an issue/feature-request on vtk.js to have a simple example saving the mesh of a vtkjs file.