is shear stress calculated by paraview tangential?

In my post-processing workflow with ParaView, I am calculating shear stress on each point using the velocity field. I would like to confirm whether the shear stress calculated by ParaView represents the tangential component of shear stress. Could someone please provide a reference or documentation that supports this?

Hi @Ahmadna94 . What filter in ParaView are you using the compute shear stress?

Hi dear Cory Quammen, the WallShearStress filter for a 2D slice on a solid surface. As I understand it calculated based on tangential velocity field on the surface. but once I extract data as a csv, I face by Values in x and y direction for shear stress. I’m want to know if the amplitude of x-y values would be the tangential value of shear stress on each point of surface or no?

I’m sorry, I don’t see a Wall Shear Stress filter in ParaView downloaded from Where did you obtain your ParaView, and what version is it?

Are you using this

I have done a CFD simulation using OpenFOAM and doing post-processing with paraview. Have a look at the attached screenshot.

It is almost the same, Just I had set wall shear stress as a variable to calculate before doing the simulation.

I would post your question on the openfoam cfd question site. I believe it’s their function object or internal function.

Thank you for your kind help. As I see, it is a question for many researchers.