Is there a logarithmic color map for 3D .vtu models in Glance?


I have a vtu model in which 96% of the values are close to 0, but there are a few points with values in the thousands, so the model looks mostly monotone with a few hot spots here and there. I need this lower value range to be more visible. I’ve tested most of the color options available in the app, but didn’t find any that scales in log.

Glance currently does not support logarithmic mapping. I can look into how we can enable that functionality.

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Thanks, for the reply!

That would be greatly appreciated! Unfortunately I don’t know enough JS to do that myself. My project is mostly Python, but we have the need to show .vtu/vtp models in a browser. There are a couple other features we need as well, but the log mapping is the most important for now.