Is there a reader for Analyze 7.5 hdr/img 3D image format?

I can read the img file with the “raw” reader. It is a bit fiddly because I have to first poke around the header to find out the dimensions and the data type. So I’m wondering if anyone has a plug-in or something to read this format?

ParaView 5.9.0 has a .hdr file reader.

Thank you. Is it perhaps called something else? I don’t see it on the list:

It should be automatically picked. Please share your file.

s.hdr (348 Bytes) s.img (73.4 KB)

Your hdr file is not compatible with our reader.

I see. As stated above, the format is “Analyze 7.5”. Apparently readers for NIfTI images might be able to handle it…

Indeed, I should have read more carefully.

Is it possible to write a Paraview reader in Python?

There is a bit about reading raw data from xdmf files. I hve to admit I don’t understand the example Reading a time varying Raw file into Paraview. What is supposed to happen? The xml file is read, no error. But when is the raw file read?

Is it possible to write a Paraview reader in Python?

Yes !

Splendid! Thank you very much for the link.

BTW: the section heading is wrong: it is a 3d image, not 2d.