is there a way to export data as 3D-array so I can "navigate" on cells more efficiently?

Hi there!

Basically I’m working with “pandas” and want to create an algorithm that:

Creates a group of Cells (with some criterion), then checks its “neighbouring” cells.

Thing is, I cant easily track “Neighbouring” cells when I save data as CSV. Point ID doesnt give me much info on how to move from a cell to another cell.

Has any of you guys have done something similar?

Know a way around it?

CSV format does not support to save cells. That being said, you could GenerateCellIds and then try to put the multiple ids on the points.

Im sorry. I dont understand what u mean :frowning:

Point ID is being generated, and my lists are -Point ID, X,Y,Z, (other quantities- but I still cant go to neighbouring cells based on Point ID.

Indeed, you need to write your own ProgrammableFilter that will add the multiple CellIds on each points.

That being said, I’m not sure to see the point of it.

The point is that I want to examine a quantity in the neighbouring cells of a group of cells.

I want to do that via python so it will be easier to add a unity to an index and go to the next cell on the direction of the index.

I have no way of finding neighbouring cells, with the form Paraview is exporting the data.

TBH you should not use .csv format for that. You can just use VTKPython and read a native vtk format file.

Thank you. will try it