Is there a way to generate the "same" streamlines so you can Track them in time?

Hi there!

Is there any way one can “track” the same streamlines in different time_files as you apply the same filter on different times?

Basically make an animation that tracks the “initial” fieldlines and see how they evolve in time.

Streamlines are what we use to visualize fields, but they do not exist in nature. Think about how should we define the same field line at different times? I don’t think this is physically correct.

Use the ParticleTracer.

Thank you again for the replay.

So I should do what exactly? Generate a Source (say spherical source with wanted resolution) then give it as Seed, and input my Wanted vector? Then Stream with external source? If you could elaborate just a bit more :slight_smile:

Here is webinar explaining how to use this filter. Starts at 32min.


Hi Mathieu. So, sorry for asking again on the same topic. Solution is picked so it’s ok even if you dont answer. Video helped tons.

If I make this as a script, I can’t just “press” play and save the animation,I dont do this on Graphical environment cuz the files are on server.

Is there maybe a way to “secure” that the next file will “catch” the same particles?

Meaning that the way I make the scripts are : Generate a script → for i in range (data range).

But I’m thinking that this way it will “generate” every time new particles (via previous “algorithm”)