Is there a way to launch Parview from my server? (Using files, CPU, etc of Server Pc)

Hi again! Till now I was using scripts based on small data , to make run them on server were large data files are there. (Cant run them on Paraview because they close).

Is there a way to run Paraview that runs in server? I have paraview headless installed there.


Really really sorry for the delayed reply. Had some issues here.

So basically what I’m looking for is “For information on setting up clusters” that sends me to the 1st link you send :slight_smile:

I have on my server downloaded ParaView-5.9.0-osmesa-MPI-Linux-Python3.8-64bit, but havent run CMAKE or other things. Actually I have never done. I can still run scripts though.

Do I need to run CMAKE ? (I have never done it before and it isnt that analytic in the wiki post haha)

Do I need to run CMAKE ?

No, all the info are int he first link

Hi again Mathieu.

Even though this is too old :stuck_out_tongue:

I can connect now after asking server for some help with the ports.

Only have one question. Because server-connecting and rendering every filter is slow (even moving or changing values), I ve noticed when I dont render view, itmoves smoothly. Can I maybe disable and enable rendering view? (Making filters and checking every now and then how render output is?)

not sure what you mean, are you using auto-apply ?

I mean that when I’m connected on that headless server, it takes a lot of time to “apply” the actions. I noticed though that when I “cancel” (press X) on the Render View, then the actions on the Interface are back to normal. So I’m just asking if there is a way to work on the “pipeline” (i think that’s what its called. worded differently, apply some filters at once) and then let the paraview/server render those commands.

Yes, using python scripting and pvbatch