is this possible to generate the avg value over the line plot?

can I get the average value (one value) of each line plot in para view? I want to create a line spatially like (0.5, 0.10, 0.20, …1) and create a line plot over the line, I want to generate the average value of each spatial line and plot axially. is it possible in the para view?
Also, I want to get the multiple-line plot in one window, then what are the steps?

You can create as many lines as you want, group them using GroupDataSet and then use PlotOverLineFromCustomSource or RessampleWithDataSet to recover the data, then display the result in a chart.

To compute an average value, you can use DescriptiveStatistics on the RessampleWithDataSet

Could you do the same things in paraview ( data strem picture) thta is easy way to understand.

please share your data

The total time zip file is too large and is not accessible to upload here so I attached only some time step files kindly check the zip file herewith. (1.4 MB)

state.pvsm (682.6 KB)