Iso-surface 3D view Taylor-Green vortex

Hi buddies,

I am trying to post process my TGV simulations with iso-surface contour but I am not able to, as shown in the first screenshot. I want to get the visualization kind of, as given in the second uploaded screenshot. I tried either way point to cell/cell to, point data but the conour option is always disabled. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

please share your data.

Dear Mathieu,
Here is the data.
data.csv (223.4 KB)

Your data is 2D, you can’t create 3D isosurfaces on 2D data.

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Assuming you intended 2-d isocontours, you must have scalars (not vectors) defined on points (not cells). The data you posted can be used to generate contours (for example, of vorticity magnitude):


Thank you for the reply but if we check the data file, it is not 2D. in 3 columns, vorticity components are given and in another column the vorticity magnitude. I have perfored these simulations via a 3D code. It seems 2D because of the intial conditions for TGV.

Thank you!

Your structured coordinates third components (z) goes from 0 to 0.

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You are absolutely right. I must look into it first.