Issue for changing representation in self build paraview

Hi, everyone:

I try to build a Paraview by myself on mac M1. But it failed to change the representation
As shown in attached figure, I loaded a data from source, and changed the representation into surface, but the rendering window does not change (it is still in outline representation).
I also got this message when I execute the paraview, not sure if it is related with the representation issue

qt.core.qobject.connect: QObject::connect: No such slot QTableView::sortByColumn(int) in /Users/zw1/Documents/cworkspace/src/paraview/Qt/Components/pqDataInformationWidget.cxx:107

Could you provide some ideas for solving this issue? Did I miss some parameters when build Paraview?
Thanks for the help!

It seems that I installed both qt6 and qt5 on my device. The ParaView works normally after I remove qt6. This online answer may provide more related information.