Issue Reloading in Files

I recently started saving .vtu files for simulations, added filters, and exported solid models from SimVascular and added filters to these as well. Whenever I click on “Save State” and come back to ParaView a few days, I have error messages pop up and I am unable to load the state back in. I also cannot load in recent files, as an error message pops up as well. I have tried redownloading ParaView a few times, and this still happens. Is this a bug and do I need a different version? I currently have the 5.8.1 version and I am using a Mac with the latest Catalina updates. Thank you for your time.

Hello and welcome.

It should work. Please share simple steps to reproduce.

Thank you for the reply. I have included some screenshots of what ParaView relays to me every time I try to open a recent file; I also included a picture of what my screen looks like when I try to load in a file from a select folder; when I access the folder on my desktop, there are files. When I access them via ParaView by loading the state, the folder is blank.

Click the little arrow to the left, and open it up. It will show the whole message…

Here you go ! :slight_smile:

Sorry, this is still unclear.

Please do the following :

  • Open ParaView
  • Source, Wavelet, Apply,
  • File -> Save State -> save a state somewhere
  • Close ParaView
  • Open ParaView
  • File -> Load State -> select the save state

Does this work ?

If it does work, please share a similar scenario that do not work.


I have done this and found that the file is able to be opened within saving and reopening after a few minutes, but after a few hours or days then then loading the state fails. I have iCloud on my desktop and make sure to download the files before loading them in, but sometimes this works and sometimes this fails. For the earlier screenshots, those are projects from a few weeks ago that I needed to adjust, but now they won’t open. These are the scenarios that don’t work. Thank you!

Is the file getting corrupted somehow ? You may want to make a copy of the working files on a seperate usb storage for example.


I had exported the models from SimVascular and they were working if I open/close them within 1-2 days. After a week or so when I load them in again, that is when I get the error messages. I am wondering if I should try a different ParaView version? Thank you. I am going to also try remote accessing school computers, but will have to transfer my data over the next few weeks.

For more information, a model I had made last week was able to be opened that same week, and now when I try to open the file, I have an error message, shown here. This loaded state is named BAV70ModelwithCalculator. Also, loading the state via “File–>LoadState–>Desktop–>ParaView–>BAV70ModelwithCalculator” relays an empty folder, as also shown.

What does /Users/jessicablair/Desktop/Research2020/ParaView/BAV70ModelWithCalculator/
contains in your file explorer ?

Here is a screenshot of the folder. Other files/models that I showed you earlier where similar to these, and some were “.psvm” or “.vtp” (for the BAV80STRUTandRING that I posted in my third reply). Either way, I seem to have an issue loading in any state that was made days to a few weeks earlier.

Are you able to open BAV70ModelWithCalculator_0.vtu mnaually ?


Loading in the state initially did not work, but resetting ParaView let me open the .vtu file for this model; the .pvd file will not open properly now for the same model. Thank you for your time!