Issue with new Env Map/Background Toggles in 5.10-Rc1

Hey guys, finally had some free time to test out the backplate/env changes in the 5.10-RC1 release, and it seems like 5.10 breaks the feature my company paid to have implemented in 5.9? Path traced environment doesn’t seem to be working anymore with an image loaded? I can get it somewhat work with a basic color, but wanted to talk to you all to make sure I wasn’t missing something.

Steps to reproduce:
• Turn on raytracing with OSPRay pathtracer
• Set sphere to “Alum Mirror” or other high reflection mat
• Load in .hdr env map as “Path traced env” (HDRIs • Poly Haven)
• Mess with background mode toggles

Old Correct behavior (5.9):


Also, when you pull up the path traced images it has every single texture from my material database linked. That completely crowds up the list and should not be done. Those are all low-res texture images that are not suitable for backgrounds.

I know @timothee.chabat was messing with this functionality a while back, and I wanted to see if I was missing something and provide some feedback.


I shared some UI designs around this functionality but didn’t implemented/changed anything so the bug does not ring a bell to me.

Also behavior seems the exact same between 5.9.1 and 5.10-rc1 on my machine. The Path Traced Environment section does not have any effect though, but it seems it didn’t have in 5.9 either (or maybe I just don’t know how to use it properly).

As for the problem with many textures in the dropdown menu, this is because every loaded images is stored in the proxy group 'texture'. We could indeed imagine creating more groups, like 'skybox' and 'material_texture' to really separate all these use cases.

Gotcha, well someone has messed with the backend Backplate/Env Map functionality as it no longer works in 5.10-RC1.

@aron.helser whenever you get a free moment can you test that is broken for you as well/look into who changed this?

@Marston Conti Please file a bug and tag with 5.10 so we can try to get the regression fixed before release.

@aron.helser done. Thanks for the help with this.