Issue with opacity setting through Trace option

Hi all, I found a buggy behavior when using the “start Trace” method to script a process.
Getting a screenshot with a modified opacity gives an empty window when using Trace in 5.6, try script attached.

Using save state to a .py file does work (2.8 KB)


No problem on Linux here :
What I did :

  • Download your script
  • Open ParaView 5.6 release for Linux
  • View -> Python Shell
  • Run Script ->
  • View and screenshot are fine.

I fully agree, however launching it from the command line - which is what I’m doing since the process is automatic -, does not work.


Thank you for your help.

pvpython generates a perfect screenshot and no window, which is expected.

Through paraview gui, I get:

Through pvpython I get :
Please also find enclosed a screenshot of my PV config Screenshot%20from%202019-07-26%2010-08-56

Could you try with our last release 5.6.1 or with our last RC, 5.7.1-RC1 ?

All good with both newer versions. Sorry for that. Should have checked.

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Hello again,

Actually it does work with osmesa version, but not with ParaView-5.7.0-RC1-MPI-Linux-64bit

I can’t reproduce sadly. What is your GPU ?

The same issue happens on various NVIDIA chips, under ubuntu and the messy graphic driver… it might be the issue.

If you could be more specific, I could try to reproduce.