Issue with Particlepath filter

Dear Support members,

I am trying to analyze here how streamlines and pathlines look like from my simulation data. For streamlines: I am using Mask points filter on some physics variables to choose seeds at every time step. Now when I try to use particlepath filter with same mask points(only intial), in the next time step all points are disappeared. So I couldn’t get pathlines for those selected seeds. Could you please help me to resolve this issue ?

Thanking you
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Maskpoints will not select the same points at each timesteps. You will have to extract the points you want using a non random criteria.

Okay, thanks for the suggestion.

Is it possible to save coordinates of masking points as a .csv/.txt file in Paraview?

Yes, you can then reload them in ParaView.

Please tell me how to save mask points to the .csv file. I tried to save them in the usual way but it only shows save option for input data but not mask points.

Click on the mask point filter, then File -> SaveData