Issues in viewing the geometry

I am new to Paraview.
I am trying to open .vtk file from one of the open source databases, but due to some reason I am not able to view the geometry except the cubic outline block.
Can any please help me and let me know where I am going wrong?


Welcome to the ParaView community!

You probably need to change representation from Outline to Surface. This would be in the top toolbars.


Thanks for you, I tried it but I am not able to visualize the representative volume element(RVE) with fiber, matrix and inclusions, what I am expecting.
I am attaching an image for your reference.


Post the dataset, or a link to it, here?

Sure, I am uploading few.
Thanks a lot for your response, Walter.

01_equi_s11_t-05.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-10.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-15.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-20.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-25.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-30.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-35.vtk (40.4 KB) 01_equi_s11_t-40.vtk (40.4 KB)

This is a rectilinear grid. It actually is a cube. If you want to look at the variable data, I would suggest you go through ParaView’s Getting Started Guide (in Help). If that isn’t enough, go through the Sandia National Labs Tutorials, Filters. A filter to try is Threshold.

Thanks again Walter, I will try that.

Best Regards.