Issues installing Paraview

Hello, I have been following this guide: to install paraview on my Microsoft Surface Pro 9 running windows 11. I’m have VS 2022 instead of VS 2019 and installed this QT version Qt Visual Studio Tools - Visual Studio Marketplace. Upon running the build command this is the error I’m getting. I’m not sure how to proceed forward.

You seem to be lacking the SDK and/or suitable build tools (the rc.exe binary to be precise).

However, building may be unnecessary unless you need something specific. Is there a reason the official builds are insufficient?

So do I need to just download and install rc?

How can I use it from the official build? I’ve downloaded it but don’t I need to build it also?

I’m mainly using it to read my outputs in the vtp format.

You can download 5.12.0’s .zip package. Once you extract it, just run bin/paraview.exe in the extracted tarball. Alternatively, use the .msi installer and you’ll get Start Menu entries for it.