issues with Paraview (Windows 8)

Hi All,

I’m wondering if anyone experienced problems with Paraview on a Windows 8 laptop. I downloaded and installed versions 5.6, 5.5, 5.4 and 5.3 and none of them work on my computer. Versions 5.6 and 5.4 show a message ‘paraview stopped working’ before the software even starts and 5.5 doesn’t display the file (show a black screen where graphic should be displayed). I managed to get a 5.2 version working but was wondering if anyone else experienced this problem and might have a different solution?

Thank you

As a guess, this sounds like your laptop is running too old of a version of OpenGL. I think the solution is first to update your graphics drivers, and if that doesn’t work, try updating to Windows 10. If THAT doesn’t work, probably time for a newer laptop?

Hello, Olga.
Looks like standard graphics issue (in case of the black graphics scene area). It’s known that 5.2 version is the best you can use with the old graphics stuff or in similar circumstances (like I do with the RDP to Windows machine that only offers old OpenGL functions). Your options are:

  1. Use --mesa or so command line option for software rendering, it should work, but only suitable for small meshes (otherwise it will be too slow).
  2. Stay with version 5.2 or earlier (OpenGL-1) if there are some things that doesn’t satisfy you relative to earlier versions and that versions are appropriate although old (some things are changed between versions that you may not like for you particular tasks, but, in summary, it’s always preferred to have the latest stable version).
  3. Ensure that you laptop works with the discrete video if you have one (you may have the switch between built-in video and discrete chip). Update you graphics drivers if they are old (refer to graphics chip devepoler’s website, AMD or nVidia, and get newest official driver installer). If it doesn’t work and you’re sure that your hardware supports OpenGL-2, you may try the dual-boot with Linux. If your hardware doesn’t support OpenGL-2 (that is very rare) consider the new laptop, if you need.