Jagged Grid rendering

I am creating grids from points in pyvista and saving them as .vtk

Whenever I open them in Paraview, they seem “jagged” as if there is some numerical issue with the coordinates.

does anybody have experience with that?

Pyvista renderer:

The jaggedness here comes from the resolution of the grid.
However, sideways view is showing a good grid:

Same data in paraview:

You can clearly see the grid is not displayed correctly.

please share your data.

Files are a bit big, here is an example:

I think it’s to do with the accuracy of the point coordinates

I confirm your analysis, easy to work around it by transforming your data closer to the origin:

Please open an issue: https://gitlab.kitware.com/paraview/paraview/-/issues

Unfortunately that is not really an option, I am working with GIS data and I need to add all sorts of different data sources

Of course, this should be fixed. Do not hesitate to open an issue as suggested above.

All right, done. Thanks for the quick reply!

ParaView should be transparently auto shifting this closer to the origin to avoid this very problem (see Display property Coordinate Shift Scale Method). It doesn’t seem to be working in this case, though.

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Neither of the options seem to change anything, might be broken?