JSON time series show files after the specified time (and not before)

I load time series using json files like so:

    "file-series-version": "1.0",
    "files": [
            "name": "collision_dry_impulses_000040.vtu",
            "time": 0.1596
            "name": "collision_dry_impulses_000041.vtu",
            "time": 0.1636
            "name": "collision_dry_impulses_000042.vtu",
            "time": 0.1676

Loading this time series file then has the first file in this list (collision_dry_impulses_000040.vtu) show during the time interval time=0…0.1596, i.e. before the specified time.

Is it possible to have every file show only after the provided time?

In my case this would result in no data being being loaded during time=0…0.1596.

Hi Bastian,
Did you try to add an empty vtu file, i am not familiar with vtu file format, but it should possible to create one “empty” file, which with time 0.1596.

I was hoping for a solution that would not require tweaking the series file, but of course you’re right, I could include an “empty” file with a time < 0.1596.