Kitware/Visualizer renderer doesn't update the image automatically

Hello! I’m working on making single rendering view with paraview backend.

I successed with running python launcher included in Kitware/visualizer.

I changed the renderer of visualizer from React/Renderers/VtkRenderer to NativeUI/Canvas/RemoteRenderer due to more flexible compability.

I made a button which modifies the viewport.
The rpc call for updateCamera and resetCamera works.
However, the renderer (canvas) doesn’t change until I make a mouse interaction.

How do I make the renderer (canvas) update the image automatically when the methods related to the viewport are called?
Is there any function in RemoteRenderer object to update image?

Below is my code for event handler.
renderer is an object of RemoteRenderer class (NativeUI/Canvas/RemoteRenderer).

const resetCamera = () => {
  renderer.client.ViewPort.updateCamera(renderer.view, [0, 0, 0], [0, 1, 0], [1, 0, 0]);

Every time you want the server to push a new image you should call that method.

BTW, if you are starting a new project, you should use that project as a reference on how to create a new ParaViewWeb application using Vue.

I called resetCamera by RPC with “renderer.client.ViewPort.resetCamera(renderer.view);”
I think updateEvent should be invoked when I call resetCamera.
I checked the vue project but I’m not familiar with vue and it uses vtkRemoteView, not RemoteRenderer that I use.

The Vue project does use vtkRemoteView because that is the latest implementation that should be used going forward.

The old one that you are using should still work assuming you are exposing the proper (old) server side protocol ParaViewWebViewPortImageDelivery.

My guess is that with that old protocol, you may have to request (from the client) a new image when you click on resetCamera which is not required anymore with the latest ParaViewWebPublishImageDelivery.

Have you solved the problem?I’m also annoyed that the remoterRenderer won’t update the image automatically.

Like I said ParaViewWebViewPortImageDelivery expect the client to request an image push.

I have only stillRender function in renderer.client.ViewPortImageDelivery.
I did try this function but I think it returns the image as json, not updating the actual canvas.
Did I misunderstand something? Should I put the image returned from stillRender on canvas manually?

Did you call that function?