Lagrangian particle tracer

I would like to use LPT to show the fluid particles move in lagrangian field, but I do not know how to set the properties of the source seed and surface input, could you give some examples on this problem?

Hi @ting_cui ,

There is example data and tests in the ParaView plugin source.

The matida model is tricky to use, I’m working on adding a much simpler model.

You can also use the StreamTracer as a much simpler approach.


Hi Mathieu,

Thank you o much for your information. The stream tracer is to plot the fluid stream in the domain, rather than the fluid particle trajactories.I would like to plot the lagrangian trajectories of the fluid particles. I am not sure wether the LPT can solve this or not.

The streamtracer and the LPT are very similar in their approach, so I think you should be able to have at least preliminary results with the streamtracer before trying to use the LPT.

Hi, Mathieu

I have ploted the streamtracer in the domain. It shows the fluid streamline. but i would like to show the fluid particle trajectories in the domain. The defination of the streamline and the particle trajectories are different from each other.

Do you have an integration model to implement for your particle trajectories ?


i used LPT to plot the results, as you say,thay are similar.

I dont have the integration model. I only use the VTKs one.

Without an integration model to implement or data specifically crafted for existing model, there is not much you can do with the LPT.

OKThank you so much for your information.