Hi Everyone,
Could someone please help me how to write a latex notation for the legend, I believe I wrote it correctly but the outcome isn’t as expected. (Paraview 5.9.1)

Please advise.

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should the the trick

Unfortunately, it is still strange :frowning:

Working perfectly here.
Which OS are you using ?

Please try with the last binary release from:

Windows 10 64 bit!

Working perfectly on Windows here, are you using the binary release ?

This is the one that I am using! Do you recommend using anything else ?

This seems correct, no idea why this is not working for you.

Please try the following:

  • Open ParaView
  • Source → Wavelet, Apply
  • Color by RTData, Surface representation
  • Edit Color Map, Edit Color Legend
  • Component Name: $N/mm^2$ , Apply

Here it is!

But i’m not exactly sure which one out of the two i had installed; would that matter ?

It should not matter.

I just tried with the exact same version as yours and it is still working great. You may want to try on another computer.

I will give an attempt. Thank you so much for attening my queries :slight_smile:

With regards,