Legend displaced, Axes dissapears when exporting as eps/svg. ParaView 5.7.0

Hello everyone,

I am using ParaView 5.7.0

I am wondering if this is an issue with ParaView version, since exporting scenes displaces as svg or eps using the Export Scene legends and also all plot axis dissapear. Is there a fix for it?

I cannot change ParaView version since im working on a cluster, so any other workaround would be great!

Here is the original image and the exported svg.




Hi @Qutadah_Rababah ,

Without upgrading, there is not much you can do here.

Hallo @mwestphal which ParaView version should I upgrade to where this is fixed?

The last released one, 5.10.1

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I downloaded it on my local windows and will just copy all files locally and see how it goes thanks!