Lib issue - Conda - Ipyhton - 2,7

Hi everyone,

I have installed Paraview using a conda environment, where I installed Python 2.7.10, which is the only compatible version with Paraview, as far as I know. The installation went well and now I have Paraview installed in my conda environment. However, when I tried to run:

**ParaView.simple import ***

I get the following message:

ImportError: dlopen(//anaconda3/envs/py2_7/lib/python2.7/site-packages/vtkmodules/, 2): Library not loaded: @rpath/libdouble-conversion.3.dylib
** Referenced from: //anaconda3/envs/py2_7/lib/libvtkIOCore-pv5.7.1.dylib**

Has anyone experienced something similar or have any approach to solve this error?

Thank you in advance for your support.


** Reason: image not found**

It is likely how paraview was built by the conda recipe. I suggest to create an issue / ask the conda recipe maintainers.


I fixed the issue, I needed the update Paraview from the conda env with Python 2.7.10 and now it’s working well.

In a different note: Do you mind telling how to use the * paraview.simple. EnSightReader ( *input , *params ) ?

I have my .case file but I was not able to read it in Python.

Thank you,

Alfonso, you should as ask this question in a different topic with the right descriptive title so that people know it was not answered.



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Hi Dean,

Thank you, will do.