LIC in 3D or Improved Streamlines?


I’ve been using Paraview for quite some time, but never really got into the theory behind visualization and would rather not. I’ve recently began using the surface LIC plugin and find it creates nice animations while not requiring any manual input. I love that.

Now I’m looking for something that works on volume fields. I’ve seen some papers on 3D LIC, but no Paraview implementation. I usually use streamlines to create something similar in 3D, but I find it requires a lot of tuning, does not allow defining planes of points for the sources, and does not follow the stream so I end up having new streamlines defined for each frame of an animation, which makes it quite jumpy.

Here’s what I achieve with surface LIC in 2D:

While in 3D I trouble getting better than these jumpy and unevenly distributed streamlines:

Any tips or links to Beta/unofficial plugins are very welcome!

Kind regards,