LidarView support for Livox Lidars

Hi guys, thanks for doing LidarView development.

Do you have any plans or maybe even a release date for adding support for Livox Lidars(Mid-40, Mid-70… etc Horizon, Avia)?

If you do not know they are being sold by DJI and are quite affordable. The only problem there is nothing available for them for SLAM on a windows pc. Livox provides SDK for windows but even with my rustic but still quite extensive web programming experience in C# it took me 2 days just to figure out how to compile their SDK for windows. Everything else their SDK developers offer are only for ROS or Linux.
It may be good for robotic development(ROS) or experienced Linux end users but actual end users of these lidars are barely familiar with either.

If you add support for their LiDARs you will have an army of people buying these brand and using your app.

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btw, if there any 3rd party developers who can help to do it I may find a way to fund it from Livox Lidar owners.

Hello Wingman,
We could probably help in developing such support for LidarView.
Just be aware that SLAM won’t work “as it”, because the Livox Lidars are slightly different from others (namely they have a single laser)
All the best,
Bastien Jacquet
Computer Vision Expert & Co-founder

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I would also be very interested in this.