Light Inspector & Light Kit Documentation?

I have searched a lot in the documentation, in the Paraview Wiki and in other sources, but I can’t find any documentation of the Light Inspector Panel.

Especially the Light Kit is not very intuitive. The additional lights, on the other hand, are easy to understand, as they work similar to other tools like Blender, including the visual and interactive representation of the positioned lights.

Why is this not possible with the Light Kit and how can I find its documentation with examples?

I am very grateful for any help.

The best explanation I know of is in the doxygen for the VTK level class where lightkit, that is ParaView’s default lighting setup, is implemented.

VTK: vtkLightKit Class Reference

If I had to put it into a sentence I would say, Lightkit it is a group of lights, that all move with the viewer, with colors and orientations that provide pretty good illumination in most situations.

Hopefully someone on this forum knows where a better explanation can be found.

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Thanks for the quick reply and the link. I didn’t realize that the VTK class is referenced here. At least the basic description can be found there. Thanks