Limit of number of points in Paraview

Hi everyone,

I’m using Paraview 5.9.1. I am working on very large meshes and I have some difficulties to open these large meshes. I have seen some topics about this subject in older versions of Paraview, it was written that the problem was solved, but it seems that not.

I am working both with ensight and CGNS files. I identified that when the mesh has more than 2^31 values it is impossible to open it in Paraview (thus we need to divide the field into 2 smaller fields to be able to see the field).

Recently I investigated the problem a bit deeper with a CGNS file.

I have created 2 cubes of 1288 and 1290 cells in every direction. For both of these cubes the number of cells remains bellow 2^31. However, for the cube of 1290 cells the number of vertex is higher than 2^31 (129112911291 > 2^31). I can open the cube of 1288 cells in Paraview but not the second one.

It seems that the problem is related to the variable that stores the number of vertex (at least) which could be defined in 32 bits.

I don’t know how can I join you the 2 cubes files that I’m talking about, I managed to compressed it to a 350Mo tar file.

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One thing you can try is to update to 5.10.1. There are now two CGNS readers, one is called IOSS. Give that a try?

Note that if you are running remote server, with a single file, it will be SLOW. ParaView does not spread the files to numerous ranks. One file will run on one core/rank.

Thanks !

Just tried but it does not work neither. It’s the same mistake when using the “usual” CGNS reader. Really looking like an overflow in a 32bits defined variable.

( 525.708s) [paraview ]vtkStructuredGridOutlin:232 ERR| vtkStructuredGridOutlineFilter (0x1d00a1c0): Error stepping through points.
( 525.744s) [paraview ] vtkExecutive.cxx:753 ERR| vtkCompositeDataPipeline (0x1d010250): Algorithm vtkStructuredGridOutlineFilter(0x1d00a1c0) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x1d010cc0)
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