Limiting streamlines - Surface LIC


I am completely new to Paraview, so apologies in advance if the question is trivial.

I would like to view streamlines from the WSS vector on a 3D surface. I have the 3D mesh (in stl), and a data file of 6 columns where the first 3 are x,y,z coordinates and the remaining 3 the WSS vector on those points. I was advised to use the Surface LIC Plugin, however I can’t find my WSS vector in the drop-down menu. Here is what I am doing atm:

  • Load the surface LIC plugin
  • Open my data (.csv)
  • Apply TabletoPoints filter and select the first three columns (x,y,z coordinates)
  • Apply Calculator filter to the remaining three to create a vector (WSSxiHat+WSSyjHat+WSSz*kHat)
  • Import my stl geometry, and select Surface LIC from the representations menu. I should select my WSS vector as the input in the SurfaceLIC integrator, however it does not appear in my drop-down menu.

Any tips and help will be highly appreciated,
Thanks in advance,

I forgot to mention that the x,y,z coordinates are the mesh nodes coordinates. So basically my WSS vectors are defined in the mesh nodes.